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I need to get the fuck away from this house. It’s all starting to make sense of why all the animals are terrified of him. I swear to god if he goes near my animals one more time I’ll fucking call the cops on his ass so fast. That’s my dog and my horse. He’s endangering my life after I figured out why Chase bucked after seeing him. He was totally fine the entire time, and then he sees my step dad and the closer he freaked out. He freaked out so bad that he was doin rodeo bucks and I was bareback on his butt while my boyfriend was in my saddle. All this bastard cares about is himself. Fuck you, you fucking prick. I need him to leave my fucking house so that we can all live a much happier life WITHOUT him. He’s broken the last straw with me. No one touches my fucking animals the way he did, without having to answer to me. Now I’ll make sure to ruin this bastard.

Sorry for the rant. But I needed to get it off my chest.

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